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Nick Varell: The Story So Far...


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WHO is Nick Varell ™

Nick Varell is a young & coming up electronic dance music artist. Born and raised in Chicago, Nick has always been a musician at heart. Beginning his journey with Piano at the age of 5, Nick pursued many musical endeavors through his lifetime such as but not limited to: throwing his own shows, playing at many clubs, festivals, colleges, etc. Nick has notably opened and closed for artists like DZEKO and Sommer Ray to name a few. Nick has also released his own original music as well as remixes for other artists. Nick continues to aspire to do big things in the music industry. His goal is to one day change the way music sounds and create a show that is an experience for the fans like nothing they’ve ever seen / heard before. To create long lasting memories and an experience for a lifetime.

Nick's Musical Background & Brief History

Nick is a multi-instrumentalist with a main focus on Piano. Nick started playing piano from the age of 5 and throughout the years picking up various instruments. Nick comes from a musical family where every family member has strictly a musical career. Nicks parents founded a Polish dance music band based in Chicago formally called “Fox Music Band”. With hit songs in the early 2000’s and very notorious in the Polish culture in Chicago being the most well known Polish Band. Nick has been playing on the keyboard with Fox Band since 2017. Doing well over 400+ events with them and over 6000+ Hours on stage. This of course dramatically built his stage presence & experience. And of course all this built a solid foundation for his own solo career which he started late 2021. Nick has began music production in 2016. From that time he had learned how to record his own music all the way to mixing and mastering his own records! Nick started releasing original music in 2018 and started up on a more serious note in 2023 with a record called “I Gave Up”.

Nick's Event Achievements

Nick started DJ & throwing his own Headlining events. He quickly saw that there was a massive interest as tickets began to sell out completely after just doing the first few events. Nick continued to throw his own events since early 2022 as well as playing at Clubs , Fraternities , Homecomings , etc. Naming a few recent events that are notable: On March 17th 2023 Nick opened directly for Sommer Ray. Playing an hour long set right before Sommer. On April 1st 2023 Nick directly opened and closed for Dzeko. Playing an hour long set right before Dzeko and a 30 Minute set right after. On July 29th 2023 Nick headlined a Chicago Summer Festival, taking advantage of his Polish roots. Sharing the stage with massive Polish artists namely, Skolim, Vivat, Szpilki, Milano, Zenek “Zespol Akcent”. Which are all artists that each have hundreds of millions of streams in Poland. Nick has sold over 10,000 tickets all on his own in his first 2 years of performing.

Nick's Musical Achievements

Nick released his first set of music in 2018 on an EP named “Stop & Stare” which featured 5 songs that Nick made when he was just 15-16 years old. Nick later did a remix of Polish superstar Jacek Stachursky’s song “Angelina”. This remix went on to establish Nick’s name in Poland. This song was played all over Europe in radios, clubs, etc. 

After playing many shows and seeing a demand for more original music, Nick went on to release his first single back called “I Gave Up” which was released late 2023. This record has received praise from followers & fans. That song is what turned a casual listener and party-goer into a fan on Nick Varell truly for the first time. Nick continues to release music now and gets to play his own original music now at shows. Nick recently notably remixed The Kid LAROI ‘s song “Girls” . Sitting on Nicks youtube channel, the song features a very high energy & fun music video! Nick aspires to continue to create more art!

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