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Nick Varell is a young & coming up electronic dance music artist. He started playing piano at around age 5 and expanded his musical talents into producing at age 13. At age 14 He played his first show with FOX MUSIC BAND. Which is a very well know and influential Polish Band in Chicago. But his passion for creating music in the studio is what kept him going throughout his entire youth. In 2018 At age 15 he released his first EP called “Stop & Stare”. That same year he remix’ed Polish Superstar Jacek Stachursky’s hit song “Angelina”.

At the end of 2021 Nick decided to make a come back into the music industry seeing success right away. Nick’s first show back was small but definitely no disappointment. November 6th 2021 Nick played the first Polish Dyskoteka and then 2 more the following week. Nick was focused on growing this community and continued to play for the European crowds of Chicago for the next couple months. Slowly transitioning into more American crowd playing EDM , House , Throwbacks, ETC . He would slowly start seeing success as he started throwing his own Headlining events. “Even though there are plenty of ups and downs its my love for the people that keeps me in this industry” says Nick. Nick plans to keep growing in the music industry by throwing many events He also says he’s planing on releasing music in the near future.

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